Australians in World War I

In 1914, when World War I began, Australian had a population of almost 5 million.  During the four years of war over 400,000 citizens volunteered to service their country and over 300,000 saw active service overseas. By the time the war ended nearly 62,000 had died and more than 152,000 were wounded. In addition many thousands suffered from illness and disease. Today towns and suburbs across Australia are dotted with memorials- cenetaths with listing names, honouring the war dead.  Stalin once said that the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a thousand a statistic.  The lists of names on cenotaphs evoke Stalin’s saying.  The purpose of this project is to give those who fought and otherwise contributed to World War 1 a face and a personality. Here are some of their stories. These and other stories are found in ‘Diggers

War Stories