Publishing Conditions

Conditions of sale–

  • Send us your book for review.
  • If we accept the book into the bookshop
    • We will sell the book in our virtual shop.
    • You will receive payment for books sold, once a week, by direct deposit into a designated bank account.
    • There will be a charge o f 10% of the sale price as commission.
    • When a book is sold, a statement will be sent to your email address.  It will include the address of the buyer.
    • You will be responsible for posting the book to the buyer within 48 hours.

Conditions of Promotion

  • Send us your book for review.
  • Send us a short abstract about the book.
  • Who is the book’s intended audience?
  • Write a short biography about yourself as the author
  • A book review if it is available
  • The selling price of the book.
  • Any links that you would like to include to Facebook, Twitter or another webpage.
  • This is currently a free service providing the book is sold through our online bookshop.