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Annie Dickinson’s Cornish Pasties

Cornish Pasties are the nation dish of Cornwall in the United Kingdom. They were popular with miners because they were easy to eat whilst having a break from work underground. Cornish miners came to Australia in the 1850’s   during the Gold Rushes and introduce pasties to Australia. Annie Dickinson’s husband, Charles, was a gold miner in Bendigo, Victoria in the 1900s. The family moved to Broken Hill in 1915 and Charles worked as a miner for BHP until the late 1930’s.  Annie often cooked these pasties for her husband to take to work with him. Traditionally the pastry for this tasty tr…

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Voices From His Suitcase

“Under long-continued pressure from my family and friends, and with great reluctance, I will try to recall and record something of my long life. One of my descendants may be interested in learning where I came from and why I left Central Europe in 1939, mid-life to start all over again in remote Australia.” Thus began the memoir of Karel Koenig. It was written in 1989 when he was in his ninety first year. This was an extraordinary age for a man, who was gassed as a teenage Calvary Officer on the Russian front in World War I, dodged a bullet in the back whilst escaping from the Nazis i…

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