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128 men and women, from ‘Diggers’, who enlisted to serve in World War I

These are the 126 men and 2 women featured in the book Diggers. They enlisted with the Australia Imperial Force to fight in World War I. One hundred and ten served overseas in Gallipoli, the Middle East and on the Western Front. …

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Diggers 110 Australians who served in World War I

When considering World War 1, look beyond the horrific statistics, the battle grounds, the rows of crosses and the war memorials that dot every town and suburb in Australia. Each soldier was a human being with hopes and ambitions. They were larrikins, lovers, husbands, fathers and sons.... Diggers is a book about 110, randomly selected, ordinary Australians who served in the Australian Imperial Force during World War I. It aims to give these men and women faces. Who were they? What was their family background? How did they serve during World War 1 and most importantly, …

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Gas and Gonorrhoea in World War I

Today the biography of another soldier awarded a military medal in World War I has been added to this webpage. Sergeant George Abraham was lucky to survive the war; he was shot, gassed and suffered from Gonorrhoea. His story is featured because, he was gassed by friendly fire and because venereal disease was common but little discussed during or after the war. Gas was used extensively as a weapon in World War I.  Mustard Gas is well known but other gasses also caused carnage. Phosgene is a colourless gas that smells like freshly cut hay. It is highly toxic and was used by both sides in the…

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Number Name Unit
Capt Aarons Daniel Sidney 16th Battalion