Goodbye Junie Moon by June Collins

A curvaceous Australian exotic dancer entertains the troops during the Vietnam War. She uncovers a get rich quick scheme involving the sergeants running the American Army clubs. Discovering that she has reported them to the CID, they place a high price on her head. She learns they are watching the only airport out, preventing her escape. Then fate steps in, triggering an unexpected turn of events.

This true story is contrasted and interwoven with her story as an innocent girl growing up in Australia. The narrative moves effortlessly between Australian and Vietnam highlighting her evolution into a worldly woman.

Goodbye Junie Moon is a memoir which reads like fiction and is guaranteed to keep you turning the page. This true story is verified by numerous newspaper and magazine articles. It is racy, action -filled, heart stopping, poignant and absolutely true.

The Verdict

I loved this book. It made me laugh, it made me cry but most of all it made me feel I was there. June had a life one usually reads about in fiction. Her story before going to Vietnam was happy, sad, conservative, promiscuous, affluent, poverty stricken, a life of contrasts. Then as a dancer in the Philippines, Japan, Korea and Vietnam she grew in strength, giving us, her readers, a true picture of life and war. She is now only a heroine as a whistle blower, but also a heroine and a mentor for anyone worried about stepping out of their own comfort zones. ….. Hope Ellis

The Author

The author, June Collins, previously co-authored The Khaki Mafia with Robin Moore (The French Connection). That story was ‘fiction based on fact’ and skewered some of the same incidents discussed in this book. There is a movie option on The Khaki Mafia.

Today June leads a busy life filled with friends, travel and writing. While living in Seattle, she and her husband adopted six children from four countries. Currently she is finishing a sequel to Goodbye Julie Moon.






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