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Chinese persecution on the Australian Goldfields

Today a new book for teens & tweens is featured on this website. Set around 1860, Escaping the Triad it is the story of a young man who escaped a triad in China and travelled to Australia in the hope of making his fortune at the goldfields. It is a great adventure involving a band of friends- an elderly Chinese, a   British sailor, a tribal aborigine,  a beautiful girl and the young hero, My Li. Chased by two Chinese assassins, the gro…

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Escaping the Triad

A superb historical novel with supernatural overtones. The main protagonist, My Li, is a young man growing up in nineteenth century China, when that country was going through a period of economic and political turmoil and corrupt tongs or triads dominated day to day life. My Li’s family falls foul of their local warlord and, before she dies, My Li’s mother arranges for My Li and his sister to join the gold rush in Australia - the Great South Land - where she hopes they will find security and their fortunes. After the untimely death of his sister, My Li inadvertently finds himself …

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