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What made the atmosphere?

The Solar System first formed from a nebula, a cloud of dust and gas. Gravitation attraction between the dust particles drew then together then the cloud began to spin and differentiate.  Imagine water circling a plughole. Closer to the hold the water increases in speed and the circling ripples become closer together and steeper sided. In the embryonic solar system there was a high accumulation of matter in the centre of the cloud. This eventually became the sun. As it spun, it became denser and hotter until, about 5 billion years ago, it ignited.  The remaining matter separated into bands, …

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We need to do something about Climate Change!

I have been reading a really scary book. The Weather Makers, by Tim Flannery,    was first published in 2005. Then the predictions made in the book were far enough into the future as to allow time for scepticism, thought and action. Just seven years on, some predictions are taking place now.  Consider Cyclone Sandy. While cyclones have always been with us, wind speed appears to have increased since 1995. Sea levels have also increased, just a little bit, to be sure, but enough to cause storm surges that travel far inland during major weather events, like Sandy. Perhaps, the most d…

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