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War Stories

Rememberance Day has just past and our thoughts turn to the many young Australians who have risked their lives fignting for Australia. Australian Family Stories is a new web site for tales about Australian and Australians. Is it surprising that three of the four stories sent to me since the site opened, are about war? What does this say about us, as Australians? Our troops first set sail to fight in a war on 3rd March 1885. An infantry contingent from NSW, travelled to Africa, to help England defend Khartoum in the Sudan. The young men, who volunteered to across the globe to fi…

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Clancy Tucker’s Blog

When your first book is published the question is –how to sell it. With the thought that others might be in the same category, I established this webpage, Australian Family Stories.   The World Wide Web will give access to millions of potential readers who might be interested in reading my book, I thought. Of course nobody knows where your site is! It needs publicising. Author Clancy Tucker came to my aid. He gave encouragement, placed his excellent book Gunnedah Hero of this site and promoted the site of his blog.  Clancy is an author of young adult fiction. He is al…

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