128 men and women, from ‘Diggers’, who enlisted to serve in World War I

These are the 126 men and 2 women featured in the book Diggers. They enlisted with the Australia Imperial Force to fight in World War I. One hundred and ten served overseas in Gallipoli, the Middle East and on the Western Front.

Number Name Unit
Capt Aarons Daniel Sidney 16th Battalion
2868 Aarons John Fullarton 16th Battalion
1910 Abraham George 1st Battalion
49 Alexander Charles Mark 8th Battalion
No Service Alexander Herbert Nelson War Ended
6214 Allan David Silver 2nd Battalion
1256 Allan Douglas Frazer 1st Battalion
Major Anderson Alan Forbes 1st Pioneers
2533 Anderson Mervyn Wilson 53rd Battalion
1151 Ayoub 1st Battalion
802 Ayre Alfred Henry 31st Battalion
1157 Ayre George Vincent 43rd Battalion
369 Ayre William John 41st Battalion
Discharged Baggott Allan Fredrick Medically unfit
2155 Baggott George Edwin 11th Field Artillery
9411 Baggott Herbert Henry 4th Motor transport Coy TC
527 Baird David Murray 6th Light Horse Regiment
Lieut Baird John Robert 3rd Battalion
412 Bassett Richard Azariah Army Postal Corps
627 Bassett Thomas Morgan 1st Army Vet Section
2123 Blake Henry Joseph 21st Battalion
4988 Boswell Charles Edwin 30th Battalion
4987 Boswell Edwin Charles 30th Battalion
4986 Boswell Henry Alfred 33rd Battalion
717 Bourke James Emmett 2nd Battalion
232 Burbank Ednott 6th Light Horse Regiment
Capt Butler Harry Royal Flying Corps
Nurse Carey Mary Veronica Aust Army Nursing Corps
165 Chan Albert Victor 8th Battalion
48 Crawford Alexander S 27th Battalion
712 Crawford Samuel Cecil 3rd Sqd Aust Flying Corps
Curran Richard Forrest Served in Australia
3670 Curran Arthur William 28th Battalion
3365 Denton Arthur Jacob 4th Division Signals Coy
141 Denton John Alexander 1st Division Signals Coy
865 Devlyn John Albert 26th Battalion
1978 Devlyn Leslie Hector 3rd Field Artillery Brigade
No Service Devlyn Victor Powell Died whilst training
364 Fahey Edward Vernon 7th Battalion
552 Fahey John Albert 2nd Tunnelling Coy
Nurse Fahey Elsie Lena Aust Army Nursing Corps
4898 Farmer Augustus Pegg 16th Battalion
3373A Farmer Kenneth 16th Battalion
621 Larry Farmer 28th Battalion
421 Lewis Farmer 28th Battalion
6017 Forrest Darcy Wesley 16th Battalion
56316 Forrest David Bruce 1st Division Ammunition Column
6315 Forrest Donald Louis 16th Army Service Corp Coy
1090 Forrest Edward Norman 10th Light Horse Regiment
No Service Forrest Ernest Resigned
2089 Forrest James Ramsey 4th Division Artillery
No Service Forrest John Resigned
6016 Forrest Leo Gladstone 16th Battalion
2845 Forrest Richard 12th Battalion
4480 Forrest Richard 58th Battalion
727 Freeman Thomas Everard 2nd Field Coy Engineers
331 Goddard Edward Chalmers 3rd Battalion
Discharged Goldberry Charles Because of race
1057 Goodridge Clair James 43rd Battalion
585 Hards William 27th Battalion
2184 Heinecke George Christmas 56th Battalion
2185 Heinecke Herbert Henry 56th Battalion
1540 Hill James W Henry 21st Battalion
2479 Hill Robert William 60th Battalion
1767 Keeling Abraham 12th Battalion
2400 Keeling Robert 18th Battalion
Discharged Morgan David Medically Unfit
3890 Morgan David 5th Tunnelling Coy
2199 Morgan David 2nd Light Horse Regiment
4083 Morgan David ‘Collie’ 32nd Battalion
324 Morgan David Ewart 15th Battalion
6644 Morgan David Henry 4th Division Train
2937 Morgan David John 60th Battalion
935 Morgan David Morris 2nd Field Artillery Brigade
3377 Morgan David Michael 8th Light Horse Regiment
4168 Morgan David Norman 26th Battalion
958 Morgan David Opie 8th Battalion
361 Morgan David Phillip 36th Battalion
497 Morgan David Richard A 41st Battalion
2952 Morgan David Talbot 50th Battalion
3690 Morgan David Thomas 31st Battalion
14730 Morgan David Thomas L Headquarters AIF (UK)
1106 Morgan Daniel Stanley 3rd Light Horse Regiment
4540 Morgan John Joseph 57th Battalion
22 Morgan Joseph Oswald 2nd Field Artillery Brigade
3725 Morgan Mostyn Trevor 3rd Light Horse Regiment
1559 Muir David Paton 21st Battalion
1991 Muir John Frazer 7th Battalion
Discharged Oates John Medically unfit
20163 Passmore Geoffrey Richard 1st ANZAC Wireless Section
90 Passmore William P No 1 General Hospital
1967 Polkinghorne Josiah George 48th Battalion
732 Ritchie Harry 43rd Battalion
Major Robinson George Seaborne Aust Army Medical Corps
Chaplin Robinson Thomas Charles Chaplin Service
1112 Sherwin Charles Roland Imperial Camel Corps
3294 Sherwin Harold Austin 55th Battalion
1508 Tait Norman David 21st Battalion
2508 Thorley Edwin 12th Light Horse Regiment
3914 Traeger Christian Hermann 48th Battalion
Discharged Traeger Clifford Johann Underaged
39085 Traeger Henry Kintore 1st Field Artillery Brigade
6335 Traeger Reinhold Gustav 27th Battalion
1943 Triffitt Abel Claude 40th Battalion
6863 Triffitt Allan Macquarie 12th Battalion
Discharged Triffitt Alerick Medically unfit
4084 Triffitt Ambrose Joseph 47th Battalion
6283 Triffitt Arthur Charles 44th Battalion
Discharged Triffitt Arthur Milton Flat Feet
1883 Triffitt Asia Melton 29th Battalion
15243 Triffitt Basil Lyell 25th Howitzer
5844 Triffitt Bertram Charles 13th Field Artillery Brigade
1400A Triffitt George Leonard 5th Division Ammunition Column
1197 Triffitt Gordon Tasmin 26th Battalion
1972 Triffitt Graham Hamilton 1st Pioneers
3158 Triffitt Leslie R George 40th Battalion
Discharged Triffitt Richard Francis Underaged
Discharged Triffitt Stephen Percy Medically Unfit
21428 Triffitt Thomas Henry 1st Field Artillery Brigade
Discharged Triffitt Vernon Henry Medically unfit
Discharged Triffitt Victor Ellis Underaged
3442 Triffitt Vivian Enoch 2nd Division Headquarters
Discharged Triffitt Walter Cornelius Medically unfit
7374 Triffitt Winston Alfonso 12th Battalion
3143 Wallis William John Aust Fly Corps
2476 Walls Ernest Henry 6th Field Artillery Brigade
775 Walls Daniel Fredrick 6th Field Artillery Brigade

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